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I Am Afraid

 NaNoWriMo is only a little over a day away.  Although I am still super excited and poised on my seat, the intensity is mounting…and so are my jitters and doubts.  To try to purge myself of all the negativity, I thought I should write them all out and address each and every one of them:

I am afraid

I am afraid that I don’t have what it takes.

I am afraid that I won’t know what to write.

I am afraid that what I have to offer won’t matter.

I am afraid that all my work will be in vain.

I am more afraid

I am more afraid that I will die before I fulfill my dreams.

I am more afraid that the world will never hear my soul.

I am more afraid that I will disappoint myself.

I am more afraid that my life will be in vain.

This is new territory for me.  I have always dreamed big, but I’ve never set a goal this high before.  Can I stay focused, calm, and dedicated through the whole challenge?  Can I write at least 50,000 words in a month?  Can I finally finish a novel?  Only time will see.  However, may my fears, doubts, and any other roadblock vanish right now, and may I approach NaNo on November 1st with a clear mind and a strong heart.

Good luck to all my fellow NaNo participants.  May we cross the finish line together–happy, empowered, content, and confident–no matter our final word count!

© Amanda R. Dollak 2013



The minutes are ticking away fast.  The eve of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is rapidly approaching.  I’m feverishly racing the clock to finish my NaNo preparations.  Here is what I have accomplished so far:

  • My NaNo profile is complete.
  • I have pinpointed my novel idea.
  • I wrote out a brief synopsis of the story plot.
  • I selected a tentative title for my novel..
  • I created my novel on the NaNo website (with some basic cover art and all).
  • I’ve found some of my friends on the website and added them as writing buddies.
  • I did a little spring cleaning on my computers to make everything organized.
  • I’ve done plenty of bragging to my friends, loved ones, and everyone who might listen.

I am clearly off to a great start.  I am psyched and itching to get started.  I’m squirming in my seat in anticipation. However, the last three days before the NaNoWriMo challenge are going to be jammed packed.  I still have lots of preparations left to do:

  • I need to finalize my writing playlist.
  • My outline still isn’t complete.
  • I want to create short dossiers for all the main characters.
  • I must reorganize my workspace.
  • I have a few personal goals to finish and get out of the way.
  • I need to plan my blog post topics for November so my blogs don’t suffer.
  • I should come up with more article topics to write about next month.
  • Oh, and I need to do a lot more praying and crossing fingers!

Will you be taking part in NaNo this year?  If so, are you all set and ready for November 1st?  Or are you still scrambling to complete your challenge preparations?

© Amanda R. Dollak 2013

Photo: Copyright Amanda R. Dollak 20

Photo: Copyright Amanda R. Dollak 2013


No longer can my laptop offer me the mobility that I crave.  It is simply refusing to recharge, so until I find a fix (or a new laptop), I’m stuck behind my desk…or am I?  They always say that necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, I’ve come up with a temporary solution until I am equipped with a fully mobile laptop again: my phablet.

Many of you may not know what a phablet is.  Without getting too technical, it is a smartphone device that is larger than a cellphone and smaller than a tablet.  Basically, it does everything a cellphone does, except it has a few extra bells and whistles, including a bigger screen.

As a cellphone, this phablet bombed.  My husband hated it and rushed to get a new cellphone.  It didn’t fit into any of his pockets.  It was cumbersome and awkward to use as a cell.  (I personally felt like a little kid trying to talk on toy phone.  I couldn’t even tell where exactly to put my ear or talk!)  Plus, you wouldn’t believe the strange looks my husband got from people around him when he was talking on this huge thing!  It was pretty comical!

However, as an emergency writer’s sanity saving device, I give it five stars!  Now, whenever I’m away from my desk but still want to jot down ideas or even write a quick blog post, I can turn to my trusty phablet.  I’m writing this post right now via phablet.  How cool is that?

It will never beat a laptop.  My texting isn’t the greatest, so I have to correct a lot more mistakes than with a traditional keyboard.  Also, I miss having a much bigger screen and hearing the click of the keys under my flying fingers.  But hey, it works well in a pinch and keeps my muse satisfied.

What is the strangest way or place you’ve written a blog post?