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ImageAs an avid reader and book lover, I am constantly on the look out for interesting and unique books.  And one of the advantages of being a writer, I have the privilege and honor of connecting with people who are creating them every day.  Today, I’d like to share with you a little about a book I am excited to check out: How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories by my friend and fellow writer, Cherise Kelley.

How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories is now available in eBook form at Barnes and Noble for Nook, Amazon for Kindle, and Kobo for the Kobo Reader. The paperback will be available April 1 through Amazon. The eBook should be on iTunes soon.

Short Version of the Book Description:

He likes it. Now get him to put a ring on it! Learn from these 50 stories of women who have been there! You don’t have to interview 50 married women to find out how they managed to get that ring on their finger. The author has done that for you. All 50 were married after 1990, so this is modern information for our changing times. Read and find out how you can get him to marry you and not just live together!


Please see the end of the eBook to learn how to claim a free paperback copy after you post an honest review! Limited to the first 25 reviewers at, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. (226 pages in paperback.)


After he got out of the hospital, he managed to enter my upstairs apartment’s bedroom window by climbing a ladder. I was not home at the time, but my neighbors were. They called and alerted me to the fact that a man wearing a sling and a bandage on his head was climbing through my window. I told them not to call the cops and that it was my former boyfriend, Mati.

I was angry and ready for a confrontation with him. However, when I arrived home, I saw my apartment covered in candles and rose petals. He had a CD playing with my favorite music and on the TV he had stuck a poster that said:

“Will you marry me?”

I said, “No way! You think you can settle for me now, but I know you won’t be monogamous. Your friends are always going to be influencing you to get in more fights. We’re just going to eventually drift apart. That is not the life I want.”

He told me, “I really want to make this work. You are who I want. I’m not settling for you. When I was in the ambulance, going to the ER, the one thing I wished was that you were there with me, holding my hand.”


“Yeah, straight up, really.”

We kissed a lot, and then I told him, “I’ll only marry you if you agree to be 100% honest and refrain from fighting.”

He told me that the only thing that he would ever fight for is my heart.

I then agreed to marry him, and I put on the custom designed engagement ring that he bought me.

Does this sound like something you want to read? Here are the places where you can buy the book!