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My dog Honey Bear

True pet owners will all agree that their pets become much more than simple pets to them.  Their pets become family members, companions, confidants, and best friends.  Their furbabies grow to be an integral part of their household, their lives, and their very souls.  There isn’t anything more noble or strong than the bond, devotion, and love between pet owner and beloved animal!

I am a proud pet owner and I am not ashamed to admit that my pets are like children to me.  They love me unconditionally, and I love them back just as deeply.  Before I eat breakfast every morning, I make sure my dog and cats have fresh food and water in their bowls.  My pets share my bed, couch, and chairs.  And I look forward every day to spending some cuddle and play time with each and every one of them.

I watch over them when they are sick.  I pray for their safety if they get lost or injured.  I worry about whether I’m raising them the best way I can.  I even buy them special treats and gifts from time to time.  And I constantly talk to them like they can understand me—and often times they do.

If you are a pet owner like me, I’m sure you do many of the same things with your furbabies.  It just seems the natural thing to do, and with such adorable faces and sweet personalities, how can we not shower them with so much love and see them as a part of the family?

But what if one day you got a knock on your door and you were told that you had to give up one of your pets?  What if you were forced to hand over one of your sweet, loving furbabies simply because a handful of fearful, ignorant people decided that your pet was dangerous and unpredictable…all without spending even a second with your pet?  Unthinkable, isn’t it?  And yet, it happens far too frequently in this world…and it happened to a wonderful friend of mine.

This friend is a loving, caring, and giving person.  And she is doing an amazing job passing these admirable traits on to her children.  This warm family stumbled upon a helpless puppy in distress and immediately got her the necessary medical attention to save her life.  Then, they went above and beyond what many people would do to try to find her owner, housing, feeding, and loving her the whole while.  And what was their reward for their kindness?  After integrating this gentle pup, Lulu, into their family, breed-specific legislation ( BSL) told them that their new furbaby had to go, simply because she was the ‘wrong’ breed!  Does this seem fair to you?

I know it doesn’t to me.  I have loved small dogs and big dogs and every size in between.  I’ve owned dogs and known people with dogs of so many various breeds, including some of the supposed dangerous and aggressive breeds (i.e., German shepherds, huskies, boxers, and rottweilers).  And I am convinced more than ever that the danger of a dog is NOT in the breed but in the dog owner.  Yes, certain dogs have been bred to be more energetic and powerful, but with proper training and care, any dog can be a friendly ball of fur–devoted, gentle, and playful with the people around him.

BSL laws are archaic, cruel, and wrong.  Why penalize the animal for his breeding, which is completely out of his control?  Instead, why not encourage responsible dog ownership, and penalize the bad owners?  The dogs and the majority of owners are paying the price for the crimes of a small percentage of people.  It isn’t right and it isn’t fair to break up families and sentence animals to death simply because certain people choose to be cruel and abuse their rights as dog owners.  Dogs, no matter what the breed, are living, breathing things.  They feel emotions and they feel pain, and we, as human beings, have to be held accountable for their treatment.  So long ago, we chose them as our companions and we have bred them into what they are today.  They merely chose to stay at our sides and accept our companionship for better or worse.  It is time for us to celebrate their devotion and stop turning a blind eye to their suffering!

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