Phablet to the Rescue!

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Writing
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No longer can my laptop offer me the mobility that I crave.  It is simply refusing to recharge, so until I find a fix (or a new laptop), I’m stuck behind my desk…or am I?  They always say that necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, I’ve come up with a temporary solution until I am equipped with a fully mobile laptop again: my phablet.

Many of you may not know what a phablet is.  Without getting too technical, it is a smartphone device that is larger than a cellphone and smaller than a tablet.  Basically, it does everything a cellphone does, except it has a few extra bells and whistles, including a bigger screen.

As a cellphone, this phablet bombed.  My husband hated it and rushed to get a new cellphone.  It didn’t fit into any of his pockets.  It was cumbersome and awkward to use as a cell.  (I personally felt like a little kid trying to talk on toy phone.  I couldn’t even tell where exactly to put my ear or talk!)  Plus, you wouldn’t believe the strange looks my husband got from people around him when he was talking on this huge thing!  It was pretty comical!

However, as an emergency writer’s sanity saving device, I give it five stars!  Now, whenever I’m away from my desk but still want to jot down ideas or even write a quick blog post, I can turn to my trusty phablet.  I’m writing this post right now via phablet.  How cool is that?

It will never beat a laptop.  My texting isn’t the greatest, so I have to correct a lot more mistakes than with a traditional keyboard.  Also, I miss having a much bigger screen and hearing the click of the keys under my flying fingers.  But hey, it works well in a pinch and keeps my muse satisfied.

What is the strangest way or place you’ve written a blog post?

  1. bahelberg1 says:

    We’re never stuck behind our desks as writers! I love a maple tree!

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