When Life Gives You Lemons Do Not Settle For Lemonade

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Life, Writing
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Today’s blog post is brought to you by Windows Speech Recognition, the program which keeps me writing even when my fingers are cramping.  Let’s face it.  No one likes to be reminded that they have limitations.  I am no exception.  When my fibromyalgia acts up I’m reminded just how weak and fragile my body can be.

It can be pretty frustrating and depressing to have my weaknesses shoved into my face.  But like they always say, nothing can keep a good writer down!  So, here I am with my headset on and talking to my computer like a crazy person.  But, hey, I can’t ignore my muse either, and my work won’t finish itself.

Besides, my inner child adores wearing this microphone headset.  It makes me feel so big and important.  I’m a fighter pilot zooming across a sapphire sky.  I’m a secret agent, high above a bustling city, relaying vital information to my team below.  I’m the head coach steering our home team to a glorious Super Bowl victory.  I know I’m a bit of a dork sometimes.  Still, my imagination comes in handy a lot in this line of work—and in life itself.

I guess in a way my overactive imagination is a survival mechanism.  When life gives me lemons I’ve never been satisfied with simply making lemonade.  For instance, what about lemon meringue pie?  Isn’t lemon meringue pie a thousand times better than lemonade?  I know I would much rather have pie than lemonade!  Thus, why should I simply resign myself to the ordinary any other time?

My life has been incredibly riddled with grief, hardships, and challenges.  The fact is without a little imagination and fun, I never would have made it through the ugliest times.  So, please, excuse me while I allow a little of my insanity shine through tonight to help brighten a drab, dreary day.  It is my way of making the most of my situation.  Until my fingers are back to their happy selves, I’ll be sporting my headset and all the while daydreaming I’m off on some grand adventure as I finish my work!  Want to join me?

When you run into a problem with your writing do you have any creative ways of coping or solving the issue?

  1. I love any type of talk to text programs too! They’re a lifesaver! Unfortunately they still require some editing which I might be too tired to do at the time, and when I come back to try again, I have no idea what the nonsensical string of words in the middle of a sentence was originally supposed to be!

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