Freelance Writing IS a Real Job!

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Writing
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Questions When

Why is it that when I tell someone that I am a freelance writer they always seem so skeptical and ask me a million questions?  They act as though working from home and writing my fingers off is just a hobby.  They always say, “Oh, that’s nice!  But when will you get a real job?”

Well, um, excuse me, but I am a professional writer, thank you!  I work 42 to 56 hours a week on my writing, and I do get paid (no matter how low that might be).  I see it as my life’s work and calling.  I take it seriously and never give up.  I plan, set goals, and dream of where I’d like to go with my writing.  I study, practice, and read, always searching to hone my craft.  I eat, sleep, and breathe writing (pardon the cliché).  So, what part of I’m a freelance writer don’t you understand?

No, I haven’t finished a novel yet, but I have about a dozen in the making.  No, chances are you probably have not read any of my articles or poetry.  But yes, I was one of ten winners of a state poetry contest in 11th grade, so I AM a published poet.  I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, and I can’t help but write.  It comes naturally, and I enjoy it—and yes, you aren’t required to hate your work before it is finally considered a job!

Simply because you are paid a lot more than I am, it doesn’t mean my job isn’t valid.  Who knows?  If I’m lucky, I might bring a paycheck home some day that will make yours seem puny.  Nevertheless, I’m not dedicated to my work only for the money.  An enormous paycheck would be wonderful, but writing has some many others rewards.  I’m in it for the enjoyment, the opportunity to help others, and my love of good stories.  I choose to be a freelance writer because I love being my own boss and it gives me the flexibility I need to work around my chronic illness.  But most of all, I embrace my passion because it makes me happy and feel complete.

Does the average person have that much love, appreciation, and determination for their job?  I doubt it!  Try to prove me wrong.  Try to show me again how my freelance writing is merely a hobby.  I dare you!

  1. Marie Anne says:

    That stigma is likely never to go away, so just continue to mark, putting your not-real earnings in the bank and to heck with everyone else. 🙂

  2. Marie Anne says:

    It’s early, LOL. That should have said ‘continue to MARCH’, of course.

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  5. Reblogged this on My Life~ and your's and commented:
    This blog post is exactly what I would have wrote,..minus the prize won in 11th grade! Freelance writing IS A REAL JOB!! We must sell ourselves and our services and it is all of you that help our business grow. Thank you for saying it how it really is!!!!

  6. I reblogged this blog post! I found that it perfectly fit exactly what I feel and what so many people say! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  7. I feel that freelance writers are CEO’s – from strategy making,to marketing, sales, customer service and revenue driving….they do it all !

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