Embrace and Celebrate Your Individuality

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Art, Photography, Writing
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Tree Shadow

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a strange sense of humor and a wild imagination.  As a child, I didn’t like creative projects because I often came up with weird ideas that would make my classmates laugh.  I desperately wanted to be one of the cool kids that never failed to impress and awe the whole class.  I wanted to feel normal and ordinary.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I wasn’t an outcast.  I was the underdog’s best friend, and I was smart enough that even the cool kids were jealous.  My jokes also were pretty popular among my classmates—even though they didn’t always get my sarcasm or the stranger side of my humor.  Yet, I sometimes felt like I didn’t quite fit anywhere.

It wasn’t until high school that I began to realize that none of us actually fits in any particular group.  We are all unique.  We come from different backgrounds, have varying interests, and have our own distinct life experiences.  We may share some similar likes, dislikes, ideas, or life journeys.  But we are unique individuals.

Once I stopped worrying about whether or not I fit in and why, I started to really appreciate my individuality and my personal perspective.  Now that I am an adult, I absolutely love my unique point of view.  It comes in handy especially as a writer.  It is hard to be boring and unoriginal to your audience when you keep them guessing and offer them a different perspective on things.  If I tried to be more ‘normal’ and average, why would my stories and other works be worth reading?  No one wants to read the same old garbage or the same worn-out stories.  They want something fresh and unique to entertain them or to make them think of everyday things in brand new ways.

These days, I think we spend far too much time trying to fit in and to go with the flow.  Our desire to be ‘normal’ and an exact replica of what society expects is robbing us of our individuality and putting a damper on our creativity and potential.  History doesn’t remember the average Joes.  It celebrates the people who were unique, radical, and even a little eccentric.  That’s because new ideas, inventions, progress, and innovations rarely come from the status quo crowd.  Rather, they are the product of different, revolutionary, and yes, strange ideas and perspectives.

Will you dare to be different and embrace your weirdness?  Or will you continue to hide behind what is considered ‘normal’ and acceptable by society?  Do you want to change this world, or will you allow this world to change you?  It is solely up to you.


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