Blue has been my favorite color since 3rd grade.  I think I like blue so much because it is such a versatile color.  There are peaceful and calm blues.  Some blues are so soft and subtle that they make me want to drift off to sleep.  Other blues are more bright and happy.  And some blues are dark and melancholy.

If I had to choose a color, though, that puts me in the mood most to write, I would have to pick yellow.  Yellow is so cheery, warm, and energetic.  Yellow reminds me of sunny afternoons, vibrant spring flowers, and living butterflies flittering about.  Yellow stirs up some of my happiest memories as a child: banana-flavored popsicles on a hot summer’s day, fireflies glowing in the night, and yellow sundresses that I loved to wear.  Just a splash of vibrant yellow makes me smile.

And we all know that if we are worrying, stressed, or feeling pressured, writer’s block is bound to settle in.  So, my advice is to surround yourself with things that make you happy.  No matter where you write, ascent your workspace with what you love.  It will help you clear your mind and focus on your writing.

If I ever have an office, I know I will definitely paint it yellow.  But right now, I only have space to write at the desk in my kitchen or wherever my laptop will take me.  That doesn’t mean I have to skimp on my workplace accents.  Right now I have a small glass filled with dandelions, which my children picked me yesterday, sitting on my desk.  Some of my favorite upbeat instrumental music is playing in the background.  And a number of my children’s recent pieces of artwork are hanging around me.  It is an inviting place.  It is my happy zone, and it helps lure me back to my writing even when I am tired after a long day.

What do you have in your workspace that helps put you in the mood for writing or makes it more inviting?

  1. I accidentally painted my office a very bright chartreuse. I thought it was going to be unbearable but it energizes me for writing.

  2. Very pretty flowers! So cheery!
    Congratulations on coming to the end of the A-Z!

  3. Sandy says:

    I so agree yellow is a happy and very much alive color. Awesome daffodils by the way. Re-visiting everyone from a-z on my blog log. Since I had already left you a message on your newer post, I scrolled back one.

    • ARDollak says:

      I’m revisiting people as well. I got behind on the A-Z Challenge because of health issues and an emergency with our family dog. I was overjoyed to finish in time, but I feel like I didn’t get nearly enough comments and visits in to other blogs.

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