Water Words

When I was a little girl I had a little accident at a public swimming pool.  A friend of mine accidently knocked me into the pool, and I didn’t know how to swim that well.  Although I was more scared than anything, I’ve been afraid of deep water ever since.  Breathing in water is a terrifying experience, and it leaves a lasting impression!  My fear has lessened more and more over the years, but I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to resume my swimming lessens.

The craziest part of my water fear, though, is as long as I’m not in it trying to swim or float, I love it!  I love fishing out on boats.  I have been canoeing and kayaking on lakes many times.  And sitting on the shore and watching the movement of the water (whether it is a small pond or the great ocean) is the most peaceful thing I can think of.  If I could live near a body of water, I know I would be there every chance I could.

Every form of water mesmerizes me.  And no matter how many times I go visit a body of water or see different states of water in the world around me, I can’t get enough!  I remember when I was a child I was content to play with water for hours.  Simply pouring water from one container to another and then back again made me happy.  I was amazed by how water so effortlessly takes the shape of its container and I would try to imagine what it would be like if I could do the same.

Now that I am an adult, water can still entertain me just as easily.  Yes, sometimes I still play with water, pouring to my heart’s content with my children.  However, these days I am more focused on the way light reflects off of the water’s surface or the varying colors of bodies of water.  Water is truly a magnificent work of art.

I also actively seek the many sounds of water.  Rain, waterfalls, trickling streams, and even ice crystal hitting the ground are like music to my ears.  Water sounds relax me and put me into a content, reflective mood.  This frame of mind is perfect for creating writing that is deep and personal.  I feel most in touch with myself and my inner thoughts during moments like these, and it definitely shows in my writing.  I tend to be a lot less humorous and witty and much more to the point and eloquent.  Although I enjoy my lighthearted creations, a simple, meaningful style is better suited for certain topics.  Ultimately, I can now create writing that fits my project perfectly because I understand (1) who I am as a writer, (2) what my writing styles are, and (3) what sources of inspiration produce which type of creativity.

  1. writepam71 says:

    You are an excellent writer, Amanda. Your words paint a clear picture of what you feel and how you think. Thanks for sharing!
    Pam at 2 Encourage

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