When I was a little girl I was in love with unicorns.  It started as a love of horses and ponies.  But as I collected My Little Ponies and read many fantasy books that included unicorns and other magical horses, I found myself wasting my days away daydreaming about owning a unicorn.  Soon my bedroom was full of these magnificent creatures.  Curtains, bedding, toys, stuffed animals, and clothing—I surrounded myself with unicorns.

Many years have passed and I now realize that my dream of owning a unicorn is impossible.  Despite this, I have saved some of my childhood unicorn possessions.  I keep them to remind me of the magic and wonder of fantasy.  They connect me with the vivid daydreams I used to have and the way I allowed my imagination to roam free as a child.

I have yet to write a story about unicorns now that I am an adult.  I have a feeling, though, that one day I will.  These amazing creatures have such beauty, grace, and mystery.  When I contemplate how the idea of unicorns might have begun, I am reminded of just how much we need good stories and fantasy in our lives.  If we forget our childhood love of the impossible or improbable, I strongly feel we lose an important part of ourselves.  As adults, we are so caught up in the facts, burdens, and dullness of everyday life that we become too easily convinced that this is all there is to life and we forget how to dream and imagine without boundaries.

As a writer, it is vital for me to dream and imagine.  Especially when I am writing fiction, I need to knock down life’s constricting walls and think outside the box life tries to keep me in.  If I cannot reach for the unknown and the outlandish, my writing is bound to be boring and ordinary.  Each time I sit down to write, I strive to put a piece of myself into my projects.  Most of my uniqueness and individuality, though, lies within my imagination and dreams.  As such, I am missing out on sharing a lot of what makes me me if I fail to dream fearlessly and openly.

  1. I love unicorns too!! They are magical aren’t they! Good for you, and I hope you can write a story say for a childrens book on unicorns….would be lovely!!

  2. Unicorns are cool. Thinking outside the box is so important for creative people. It’s what makes us who we are.

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