Years ago, when I came down with a case of writer’s block I would sit at my desk trying to force the words to come.  I thought that if I didn’t give up and stayed focused, I can wrestle the words out of my mind.  However, I soon learned that the harder I fought my writer’s block, the more dammed up I would get.  I would get so frustrated that I would get too worked up to even think.  Obviously, creativity will not flourish in that frame of mind.  It is much too negative and chaotic for ideas to flow freely.

Night after night of only making my writer’s block worse, I began to see that there’s nothing like a fresh start to clear the mind.  Now if I get too frustrated or aggravated with my writing, I have learned to walk away.  Sometimes I may only need a few minutes.  Other times I may require hours or even days before I can think clearly again about that project.  In the end, writing is partly an art.  It should not be rushed if we can help it.  It should not be forced either.  To ensure our writing is as authentic and effective as possible, we need to allow our thoughts and words to flow free and unrestricted.

If this means cutting back on quantity to protect quality, I am all for it.  When I was younger I naively believed that a writer is defined only by the amount of books, poems, or other works he or she has written.  Being an online writer for five years now has shown me how wrong I was.  I have met a lot of wonderful writers online over the years, and I admire their work.  Still, I have seen a lot of writing that is rushed, poorly thought out, and full of errors and typos.  Yes, we are all human and entitled to errors from time to time.  Writers are no exception.  But we have a responsibility to our readers to offer something meaningful and worth their time.  Also, we have a duty to ourselves to always give our writing our full attention and effort.

What matters most is the quality of our work.  Consequently, I feel much more comfortable taking some time away from a project and coming back with a fresh mind than trying to save time and forcing my way through my writing.  Many times the extra time is what makes a good project great.

  1. Yes, and I am beginning to wonder about my own creativity in the writing department!! I know I can do it, it is just my mind goes in too many different directions…maybe I am not ready yet…don’t know!! Good post!!

  2. You’re right. Quality matters most.

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