Favorite Words

Do you have a favorite word?  If I had to choose a favorite word, I would pick the word ‘quibble’.  Since my high school vocabulary courses, which were designed to prepare me for the SATs, I have really loved this word.  I love the fun sound of ‘quibble’ and its definition has always made me laugh a little.  When I hear or read the word ‘quibble’ I always get a hilarious image in my head of two quails bickering with each other.

Truthfully, though, I have quite a few favorite words.  Hubbub, inkling, ostentatious, wonky, cantankerous, and melomania are just a handful of the words that I find any excuse to use in my writing and everyday conversations.  I love to use words that are colorful and bring funny images into my mind.  Yes, that is right.  I willingly admit that I love certain words simply because of the way they sound or the way they get my imagination running wild.

It wasn’t until recently, however, that a single word has inspired me to create entire piece of writing.  A couple months ago I wrote a poem because I got the word ‘quibble’ stuck in my head.  And now, here I am writing a blog post about my favorite word.  As soon as I entered this blog into the A to Z Blogging Challenge and started mapping out the topics that I would write for each letter, I knew immediately that I had to choose ‘quibble’ for my Q post.  The letter Q is one of those difficult letters to find a blog topic that stays within a selected theme.  Nevertheless, the letter Q was one of the first letters I actually selected the topic for.  How could I resist writing about my favorite words when I enjoy them so much?

As strange as my word obsession can be, this reminds me that even the simplest things can be a source of inspiration.  We writers cannot afford to overlook even the tiniest, strangest, or most unusual things that can get our thoughts and ideas flowing.  Ultimately, the world around us and within us can hold endless inspiration, if only we have an open mind and are willing to search for it.


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