Walks with my dog are a great cure for writer's block!

Walks with my dog are a great cure for writer’s block!

Those who know me can attest that I am an open book. And I openly admit that I have a chronic illness, fibromyalgia. I choose to share this disabling condition, not to seek pity or attention, but to spread awareness and support to others with fibro or any other invisible disease. Living with a painful and frustrating condition isn’t easy, but I do believe it’s made me a better writer simply because I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to circumvent the many symptoms.

The fibromyalgia symptom that drives me the most insane, though, is the brain fog that can occur. I will be sitting at my laptop, happily tapping away when bam…suddenly, I have no idea what I was writing or where I was going with my work. It’s one of THE most infuriating feelings in the world!

As such, I’ve tried and tried to find some way, any way, to prevent this from happening. Although it’s been about 4 years now since I developed full-blown fibromyalgia, I have yet to find much to prevent brain fog completely. However, I HAVE found a way to bring back my train of thought and get the old mind rolling again after one of these episodes: exercise. Whether its something as simple as jumping jacks and stretching or something more complex like a yoga or cardio routine, exercise gets the blood pumping again. In turn, my creative juices and thoughts begin flowing correctly once more.

We so often rationalize that since writing is an internal, mental action, exercise and other physical activities have absolutely nothing to do with writing. But the longer I live the more I realize that all parts of our being are not only connected but very dependent on each other. A little break to get up, move around, and have some fun can easily break writer’s block and get your head back into your writing.

  1. Kristen says:

    Exercise helps in so many ways. I love the way it makes me feel strong as well. 🙂

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