I is for Icicles and Snowy Days

Posted: April 10, 2013 in A to Z Blogging Challenge, Inspiration, Nature, Photography, Writing
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No, I am not a fan of cold weather, and during winter, I miss all the greenery and life. Still, if I could have ice and snow without the cold, I’d be just as happy with winter as I am with the other 3 seasons.

Ice and snow is so mystical and breath taking. Something so simple as water in a cold state shouldn’t have the power to transform the world into a gorgeous masterpiece. Yet, it does. Watching tiny snowflakes swirl on the breeze and admiring the icicles reaching down towards the snow-covered ground brings out the child and artist in me. I want to go sledding, build snowmen, and jump into snow drifts. I long to paint snowy landscapes, write poetry that immortalizes the moment, and take a thousand photographs to capture the beauty.

When the last leaves fall from the trees and everything is brown and dead winter makes me so forlorn and melancholy. The earth seems so drab and lifeless. But add a coating of snow and ice, and everything livens up and sparkles. Except for the cold, snowy days make it easy to forget that the world has become so barren and desolate as it waits for spring to come again.

During the winter, I find myself cursing the cold and daydreaming about moving somewhere tropical. But in my heart, I realize that I could never leave behind these magical snowy landscapes for very long. They are a part of me, whether I like it or not, and they bring me a unique joy that can’t be reproduced by anything else. Without the enchanting quality of winter, I risk weakening that connection I still have with my inner child–the part of me that still skips, squeals, and grins a little every time I wake up and find the world outside my window covered with ice and snow!

  1. Kristen says:

    I also love the snow. I love all the seasons! They each have something special that can inspire us in different ways.

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