The Allure of a Sunny Day

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Nature
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A Tulip Last Spring

Saturdays at my house are usually extremely busy. They tend to be full of chores for the whole family and of writing for me. I encourage my children to hurry up and finish their chores so they can spend their Saturday afternoons having fun. Yet, sometimes, like today, I have trouble following my own advice!

The sun is shining beautifully today. The birds are chirping merrily outside my window. And the thick blanket of snow is slowly melting away. The weatherman promises a sunny day tomorrow with a high of 56. The first signs of spring are finally here!

My initial plan was to hunker down today and work like crazy to finish all my weekend writing and chores, so we can spend a carefree day tomorrow finding any excuse to be outside. To my annoyance, though, I’m struggling to even stay focused.

As I was cleaning my kitchen and washing the dishes, I decided to open the curtains and crack the window just a tiny bit. Big mistake! Yes, I got quite a few chores finished, but not without a ton of daydreaming and dillydallying. The fresh cool air and the warm sunshine soaked into the deepest crevices of my winter-worn soul and spring fever has officially set in.

I began fantasizing about sandy beaches, family cookouts, spring flowers, flourishing gardens, and long hikes through the cool trees. And from that point on, my heart hasn’t been in my work at all. It’s far away on vacation in some tropical oasis somewhere, while the rest of me is stuck here trying to be productive.

Words could never express how much I miss spring after this long, cold winter. The snow is a majestic sight, and I enjoy spending snowy afternoon playing with my kids outside. But I’m ready now for the warmth and greenery again. I’m ready to see the earth reborn all over again and to witness the miracle of life once more. I’m ready to be filled with the hope, energy, and excitement that spring ushers in every year. Yes, I’m ready to get back in touch with nature and to soak in the wonders of spring!


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