Life With Cats

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Pets
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Tut & Pooky

Tut & a teddy bear

I wouldn’t define myself as a cat person exactly. I’m more of a pet person, and I’ve had quite a variety of pets over the years. Still, I have almost always owned at least one cat throughout my life, and I couldn’t imagine living without them. They are such complex and curious creatures, and they bring boundless comfort, love, and laughter into my home.

I currently own several cats, and the variety in their personalities is amazing. I have heat hogs and cool lovers. There are the avid kissers, while one has never licked me in the nearly 8 years he’s been my baby. He much prefers to show his affection by rubbing his lips on my hands and face. I have shy kitties that take time to gain their trust with strangers, while others just plop into visitors’ laps. Some of my kitties are dog lovers, while a few co-exist with my dog but keep a careful eye on her.

My home is blessed with drinking straw thieves, a laundry bandit, and a homework eater. Some of my fur babies can’t get enough attention, sitting in my lap and cuddling every second they can get. On the other hand, some of my cats like some privacy and prefer to pick when they get affection.

They all are mischievous though, and just like my children, they like to take turns causing a little mayhem from time to time. I’ve found chopsticks sticking out of the litter box, discovered cat food or toys in my shoes, and came upon their little stashes of stolen treasures around the house. I can’t say I’m always pleased with their behavior, but most of the time I end up laughing and grinning over their crazy antics. And when they start purring and acting sweet I can’t stay upset with them very long.

Their big, glistening eyes steal my heart. Their cute little whiskers make me smile. Their soft cuddles warm me to the core even on the coldest of days. Yes, my house might be cleaner and life simpler without these adorable balls of fur in my life, but my cats bring so much more into my life than they’ll ever take. They are my babies, a source of inspiration, my little comedians, and my companions through good and bad. They remind me to love openly and shower others with affection. And they have taught me that the simplest and smallest of things can bring joy and excitement.

What have your own cats brought into your life? What have they taught you?

  1. Marie Anne says:

    Never a dull moment with furbabies around, that’s for sure

  2. Lisa Stover says:

    I love cats! Great post Amanda 🙂

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