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Posted: February 22, 2013 in Writing
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A snapshot of my first poem submitted to

I tend to be a level-headed, patient person. I’m quick to forgive and try to move beyond any mistreatment from others. But sometimes, it is necessary to stand up and make a ruckus to ensure a grievance is known. Right now is one of those times!

Back when I was a teenager (16 or 17) I was an aspiring poet and author, hoping with all my might that my work would get published one day…while simultaneously fearing that I was a talentless wannabe. By that time, I had written over 100 poems and some of my family and friends started to take notice and encouraged me to be bold and keep writing.

Though I’m hazy as to exactly how, I eventually came across a site that regularly held poetry contests, And deciding to reach for my dreams, I entered one of my favorite poems and waited anxiously to hear back. As I expected, I didn’t win the contest. However, much to my surprise, I was one of the poets chosen to not only have their work published in a book but also as an audio reading, too. I was ecstatic!

I’m never one for remembering numbers, so I can’t tell you the prices of the book and tape that featured my poem. Yet, I still recall that I had thought that the prices were a little steep (especially for the book). Seeing as I was a first-time published poet, though, this was a momentous occasion, and I couldn’t help but purchase the tape so I could show it off to my family and friends.

After that, I was a lot more confident and eager to have more of my writing published. Every now and then, would send me a letter which announced another anthology that my poetry would be perfect for. And before I knew it, I had 9 poems published in their books, one of which brought the exciting achievement of being featured in one of their international anthologies. With the allure of international fame, I couldn’t pass up buying a copy, even though I was stunned by the price.

As time passed and I became an adult, I started growing distrustful of Although I longed to have great talent, part of me started thinking that this was a little too easy. No, I had never won a single poetry contest, but their letters contained a lot of praise for my poetry…maybe a little too much praise. But when I entered a state poetry contest for high school students and was a top-10 winner (winning a $50 savings bond and a free copy of the anthology) my suspicions lessened.

After I graduated high school and went on to college, I didn’t have much time for poetry contests and I temporarily forgot However, once I settled into my class schedule and new routine, my desire to write poetry surfaced again. As I wrote more poems, the need to see my work published again drove me to seek out possible contests I could enter. There near the top of my web search was my old friend,

However, also in that search was a blog post insisting that was a scam! As I researched more and more, my stomach sunk and I felt sick. There were more claims than I could count that was nothing more than a sly crook. I felt angry, betrayed, humiliated, and even a little idiotic. How could I fall for such a ploy?

After some more thought, though, I realized that I should only feel angry and betrayed. They were the ones taking advantage of unsuspecting people, making the site look like a legitimate contest and publishing opportunity when it was nothing more than a vanity publisher that was out to make as much money as possible.

Ultimately, I would have brushed the experience off as a mistake and moved on. Although I hate the idea of being deceived, DID give me the courage to step up and pursue my dreams. Without that ‘opportunity’—no matter how backhanded and unethical—I might still be hiding behind my pen or I would have taken much longer to get up the nerve to take a chance. Hey, I’m a strong believer that great things can come from mistakes and bad experiences.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of’s deception! Once I discovered the site’s true nature, I immediately demanded that every single one of my poems be removed from I did not want them to continue to profit from my writing nor did I ever want to be associated with them again. replied that they had no problem with my request, and my poetry was taken down. My ugly saga with had ended…

…or so I had believed until early 2012. One morning, I awoke to an email announcing that had been purchased by another company and was planning to unveil a bunch of exciting new changes to the site. It also gave instructions on how to claim any poetry that you had previously published with the site.

Knowing that I shouldn’t have any poems to claim, but growing more uneasy by the second, I clicked on the enclosed link, created an account, and searched for my name. Immediately, 4 of my poems popped up…4 poems that I had clearly asked to have removed years before. Not wanting to place blame on the new owners of, I simply claimed my poems and then marked them to be removed.

Thinking the problem was finally resolved, I moved on with my life…until last week. During one of my routine plagiarism searches, I found one of my poems still on I went back to the site, tried to access my account, but it kept insisting the email address / password combo was incorrect. I attempted to reset my password, which somehow only inadvertently created another account using my Facebook profile. Angry and frustrated, I sent another email explaining that I was very unhappy that all my poems were still on their site and that I wanted them removed ASAP. I tried to be as polite as possible, hoping civility and tact would get me somewhere.

But here I am, a week later, still waiting for some type of response. Knowing’s track record, I’m not expecting one any time soon. In the meantime, I’ll be warning everyone I can to stay far away from I don’t want anyone to have to go through a similar experience. humiliated me, took advantage of my dreams, and now is refusing to return what belongs to me, even though they claimed from the beginning I would retain all rights to my poetry. I refuse to sit by while they use my writing to help lure in more unsuspecting amateur poets, and I will not rest until every word I have written is permanently erased from that deplorable site!

  1. I fell for the same thing, also as a teenager. I had been published by legitimate sources so when they contacted me, I thought it was legit. Once I learned differently, I also asked that my work be removed, only to find out later it was not removed. You could have been describing me in this post.

  2. Ella Thought says:

    I understand your grief… but that’s what happens when naivety causes you to think you need justification from outside parties. You could have published your own works at anytime. You willing gave strangers your art. They owe you nothing.

    I hope you someday allow yourself to be the sole judge of your art.


    • ARDollak says:

      I am not looking for compensation. I only wish for them to abide by a legal contract that stated that I could remove my poetry at any time. If the contract stated that I retain all rights, that means they have absolutely no legal right to keep my poetry on their site when I don’t want it there. As for this post, this for the benefit of others who might try to lure in. If enough people keep speaking up, con companies like this won’t be able to stay in business. I was an inexperienced, troubled teen when I made this decision, so it was a lifetime ago. But that doesn’t mean I should stand by and allow this to continue on now that I’m a professional writer. It wouldn’t be right

    • It’s absolutely not true that they owe her nothing. They did not have the rights, legally, morally or ethically, to publish her poetry on the website, especially after the site ‘ownership’ supposedly changed. When they informed her that she would keep all rights, and they would remove her poetry, they owed her the TRUTH and to honor their word.

  3. Lisa Stover says:

    Wow, glad you wrote this. I’ve actually heard of the site and their contests, I guess I’m lucky I never entered any. Great post warning others!

  4. Lisa says:

    I think that just about every writer – an aspiring writer can relate to your feelings and actions. I love that you can share your experiences so that others can learn from them.

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